Gigabit Fibre
Internet is here Caledonia!

• Faster Downloads, Consistent Speeds
• Buffer-free Streaming, Real-time Gaming

Faster. Much Faster.

Fibre Internet delivers speeds that are exponentially faster than traditional Internet connections. With blazing gigabit speeds up to 1000 Mbps, we invite you to compare your current Internet speed to our fibre service.

Cut the Cord
with Gig Internet

If you’re ready to cut the cord and stream all of your favourite shows, movies, and sports online, we have the ultimate service for you. Our iLoop Gig fibre Internet service delivers the fastest, most reliable connection available. No buffering, no slow downs at night, and no usage limits.

Cut the Cord with Gig Internet

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Choose Your Service

iLoop 30

Ideal for casual web browsing and emailing in small households.

  • $49/mo
  • 30 Mbps Download
    10 Mbps Upload
    No data caps

    Fibre box included
    Dynamic IPv4 Address

iLoop 150

Great for everyday web browsing, emailing, and casual streaming. Social Media buffs will love our upload speeds. You won’t be waiting for hours to share your vacation photos.

  • $84/mo
  • 150 Mbps Download
    50 Mbps Upload
    No data caps

    Fibre box with AC Wifi included
    Dynamic IPv4 Address

iLoop Gig

Gig service can handle it all. Perfect for multi-device households, heavy video streaming and even working from home. Gamers level-up with iLoop Gig today!

  • $125/mo
  • 1000 Mbps Download
    250 Mbps Upload
    No data caps

    Fibre box with AC Wifi included
    Dynamic IPv4 Address

Check if the fastest Internet, stunning HD TV, and crystal clear calling is already in your area.

Take the leash off. No contracts. No caps.

No contracts.
No caps.

We want to ensure that having Metro Loop in your home is a comfortable, pleasant experience.With no contract to sign and no cap on your Internet usage, you can just sit back and enjoy.